Sep 6, 2014

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Dear Reader,
After reading numerous reviews and comments on the two originally published Spellbound novels from readers on places like goodreads and book review blogs, I decided to give the series a major overhaul.
The one thing that most of the remarks and statements had in common was the lack of romance. Basically, readers wanted more “Trent” and now I am happy to comply!
Initially, the budding romance between Shiloh and Trent was more of a subplot. One of the first editors that I worked with on the series, Rochelle French advised me to strengthen the romantic elements, but at the time, I didn’t think it was necessary. Now I wish I had listened. She was right, because it does have a lot of relevance to the overall storyline, which I realized as I started working on future books for the series. It needed to become more prominent in order for the series ARC to grow.
So after discussing it with my publisher, we decided to divide each book into two parts. Hence, each novel will now become two separate books instead of one. The new editions will contain additional scenes filled with some really hot, sizzling character chemistry between the two stubborn love interests. And there will also be these really cool bonus scenes at the end of some of the books from other character’s point-of-view—including Trent.
Think of these new editions as the “director’s cut” of a movie, which usually includes deleted scenes, and the film has often been enhanced.
So, now I welcome you to the Spellbound series, which is set in the eerie world of Fallen Oaks. North of San Francisco, between Larkspur and Madrone Woodlands in Marin County, this coastal town’s magical charm and sweeping beauty is only a superficial fa├žade. Nothing more than a smokescreen to conceal its murky history.
Those familiar with this area will realize I’ve taken some artistic freedom with this wooded setting. Ah, the power of a storyteller! I’ve chosen the backdrop of Northern California for an obvious reason. It is a beautiful area of lakes, forests, and wildlife.
On a special note, three amazing things really do exist in this locale: the lush forest of Muir Woods, the majesty of Mount Tamalpais, and San Francisco’s infamous roiling fog. I chose to retain these intriguing facets of the region because they contribute to the storyline in a very significant way.
In these serialized novels, you’ll learn the secrets of Fallen Oaks and more about the quirky inhabitants that populate this peculiar neighborhood, where it seems everyone has something to hide. Discover what skulks in the fog and prowls within the dense forest.
Meet the teenage residents that have good looks, lots of teen angst, and a fair share of supernatural intrigue. Read about Trent and Shiloh’s love story, which began with a mixture of lustful teen hormones and beguiling attraction, but at its core, it is a tale about the power of first love and the courage of two hearts that were meant to beat tremendous odds just to be together.
But will fate tear them apart?
I am very excited about this series, and I hope you are, too. I can’t wait to share the next installment with my readers!
Happy reading,

P. S.
These serial novels should read as if you are watching a TV series. Each new book is like a whole season broken up into six separate parts (so far). Some end with a cliffhanger and others without complete plot resolution. However, each book continues the ongoing story of Shiloh and her friends as they face new foes together and fight their own inner-demons, finding bittersweet romance and everlasting friendships along the way. 

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