Character Gallery

Learn more about the intriguing characters that populate the eerie world of Ravenwood, where everyone has something to hide. Discover what skulks in the fog of this Silent Hill-esque town and hides within the dense forest....
Meet the teenage residents that have good looks, lots of angst, and a whole lotta supernatural intrigue. And gain some insight into the hearts and minds of the quirky townsfolk.

First, Meet the Doomed Lovers…

Trent and Shiloh are both playing with the fire. Even though their relationship is forbidden, they have unbelievable chemistry. And at its core, Trent and Shiloh's romance is about the power of first love, and the courage of two hearts that were meant to beat tremendous odds just to be together. But will fate try to tear them apart?

Shiloh Trudell

Quirky, SHILOH has seen shadows and ghosts for as long as she can remember. Shiloh is a tough girl and extremely loyal to her friends. After learning about her family's duty as demon hunters, Shiloh decides that's up to her to protect the town. Once she awakens her "inner-witch," strange things start happening. But is Shiloh worthy to combat the forces of darkness? Or is she just another teen destined to befall the town curse?

Trent Donovan

When rebellious, TRENT gets kicked out of military school, he and his father return to Ravenwood and move back into their rumor-to-be haunted mansion, Craven Manor. When Trent meets Shiloh—sparks fly. Now he wants to mend his bad-boy ways. Will Trent be able to survive the curse in time to tell Shiloh how he really feels? Or is he hiding a dark and dangerous secret of his own?

Now Meet the Residents...

ANTHONY EVANS is the resident ghost hunter and a amiable person. After the death of his wife, he moves in with his brother-in-law, Maxwell Donovan. When Evans hires Shiloh to be his assistant, he decides that it's his duty to educate her in all things supernatural. But will teaching her magic be enough to stop the evil from killing the other residents?


BRITTANY LAU-WITHERIDGE is the mayor’s daughter. She is a blunt and sincere girl, who loves a challenge. After Brittany has a close-encounter with the paranormal, her shallow world is turned upside down. Will she eventually put aside their differences to join forces with Shiloh?


A smart and feisty, tomboy, ARIANA PRESTON is Shiloh's best friend. After uncovering her own otherworldly heritage, Ari develops a taste for the mystical. When she discovers her family's dark deeds, will it only cause more havoc in a town that is already cursed?  

LAUREN BROUSSARD has enough perspective to recognize that her self-reliance separates her from the other witches in town. Heated arguments about Shiloh's upbringing finally resulted in her being estranged from the family. But what will Lauren do when a dirty little secret from her past is uncovered?


JACKSON TRUDELL is Shiloh's father, who only wants peace within his troubled family. He thinks the rumors about supernatural activity are totally ridiculous. He's more worried that Shiloh will discover his own dark secret. Will he finally find the courage to tell Shiloh the truth surrounding her birth?


DARRAH BROUSSARD is Shiloh's haughty mother. She's a beautiful, yet cryptic woman. There is a dark, tempestuous side to Darrah that lies just beneath the surface of her Stepford-facade. Will the cost of her driving ambition come at a deadly price? 


KAYLA BENNET is Brittany’s frivolous, best friend and captain of the cheer-leading squad. She is extremely insecure and often clueless. But will Kayla surprise everyone with her insightful contributions to the fight against evil?


Heather Keyes is leader of the Trendies. She is self-centered and considered a bully. After witnessing the supernatural showdown at Craven Manor, Heather decides to start a Wiccan group of her own. But will playing with black magic only cause more chaos in Ravenwood?


Elesha Walker is one of the Trendies and BFFs with Heather. She's one of the most popular girls at Redwood High. When Heather wants to start a coven, Elesha is all for it. But the dark arts aren't something inexperienced witches should mess around with, and voodoo can be dangerous.

Carter Lampard is a football player with a dangerous secret. When he befriends a dark sorceress, they unknowingly unleash otherworldly creatures into Ravenwood. Will he admit his wrongdoing and try to right his wrongs, or let innocents die?
Daniel Ramírez is a local football jock, known for being an all-round good guy. But Shiloh fears he might be dangerous, even though, he seems to sincerely want to help her discover what's causing the recent attacks on the football players. But does he have his own personal agenda to fulfill? 

Millionaire, MAXWELL DONOVAN shares his son Trent’s intensity and mystery. Maxwell was married to Catarina and not only stole her heart, but her sanity as well. Rumors abound after he's accused of murdering his wife. Is he really a heartless killer or is there more to this enigmatic man? 


Tough-talking, Jada Martin is Shiloh's devoted friend and shares her belief that Craven Manor is haunted. Jada  wants to help Shiloh discover the manor's dark secrets and why kids are mystically disappearing. However, her daring attitude might get her into serious trouble...

Paige Jones is an intellectual, no-nonsense girl, who loves spending time in after-school programs studying. She is one of the few people not afraid to speak her mind about the town curse. Yet will her fearlessness only get her killed?

Mrs. Baylock is the housekeeper at Craven Manor. Most people see her as an eccentric old woman, but she knows a lot more than she lets on. It doesn’t bother her to work in a haunted house. But like most of the residents, she isn't what she seems...  

MADISON DONAVON is overly protective of her family, especially her brother Trent. Is Madison really as innocent as she’d have the others believe? Or is there a dangerous side to this mysterious creature?


Sheriff Thomas Boyd is an assertive man and best friends with Shiloh’s father, Jackson. Boyd has concealed evidence when otherworldly forces attacked the residents in an effort to prevent mass hysteria. But was it really to protect the town or to protect his own family's involvement?

Sutton Broussard is a dark-haired beauty claiming to be Shiloh’s long lost relative. Sutton seeps into Shiloh's life like a deadly poison. Does she, like so many others in town, have her own personal ax to grind? And the question is…what is Sutton really after? 


Malphas is General of the Forsaken. Once he realizes that the Sheol has been left unguarded, he summons his exiled leader's son, so they can stop the demons trapped inside from escaping. If he fails, will life as everyone knows it cease to exist?

Raziel (Raze) is the cocky new leader of the Forsaken, a band of fallen angels that came to Earth centuries ago. After his father is exiled by the local coven, Raze returns to Ravenwood with one goal: make sure the Nocturne don't escape the Sheol. When Shiloh’s life hangs in the balance, will Raze decide to come to her rescue...or let her die?


Caym and Esael, are Nocturne demons aka Soul Eaters, that devour innocent souls. Caym is a high counsel adviser to whomever is ruler of the Underworld and extremely dangerous. Esael is an Upper Level demon and the current kingpin over the Nocturne.


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